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01. Oct 13

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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Thanks to VOCs, the phrase “home sick” may mean something other than what you're thinking. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals that emit potentially harmful gases. These gases, which i...

20. Sep 13

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What Countertops are Best for You?

You may not know that there are many other stone countertop materials worth marking down on your shopping list. Whether you are planning indoor or outdoor living designs, it will help to know what opt...

19. Aug 13

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4 Tips for Dealing with Humidity

Summer is all about that trenchant heat, and while short sleeves and a ban on pants help you deal with the heat, humidity is another story. The heavy, moisture-rich air is harder to escape and constan...

29. Jul 13

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How Reactive Oxygen Species Relate to Oxidative St...

The human body must perform some delicate balancing acts to keep itself alive. In some cases, it must make a potentially harmful substance to accomplish one task then take measures to avoid suffering ...

10. Jul 13

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4 Great Piano Pieces

The piano is easily one of the most popular instruments, spanning history to become one of the staples of music. The piano’s flexibility allows it to seep into all musical genres, which is why a Ste...

21. May 13

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What is CRM Software?

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, refers to everything that businesses do to organize and manage their client relationships. It is a comprehensive, wide-reaching strategy that is in...

20. Nov 12

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5 Reasons to Use Landscape Lighting

Homeowners are often concerned with improving the interior of their home when it comes to windows, flooring, air conditioning, and other upgrades. However, if a homeowner wants to make their yard as i...

06. Sep 12

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Cardiovascular Exercise and Strength Training

There are two main forms of exercise: cardiovascular and weight training. The debate rages over which of the two is more efficient. Many people learning how to become a personal trainer have to find a...

14. May 12

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Finishing Touches: Back Yard Luxuries that are Wor...

For many people, the backyard is as much a haven as the living room or the bedroom. Your back yard is like your own private park, giving you your own private space for outdoor relaxation, exercise, an...

08. May 12

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America's Finest Vacation Destination

Breaking up the routine is an essential part of living a full life, and what better way to mix things up than a nice vacation. Where to go? What you need is something fun but laidback all at once.


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